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City of Santa Cruz steps up their pavement preservation with an Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal

City of Santa Cruz stepped up their pavement preservation strategy this year.  Adding substantial life to their exiting road with out breaking the bank by utilizing Cal Recycle Grant funding for an Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal. Enter Telfer Pavement Technologies with their state of the art Asphalt Rubber and Slurry Equipment. First putting down a chip seal, then capping that chip seal with a Slurry seal to create a Cape Seal. This multiple lift system is astatically pleasing and long lasting. Leaving down town Santa Cruz looking revitalized for many years to come.

Telfer Hosts Bonded Wearing Course Workshop & Demonstration in the Bay Area

Telfer Pavements hosted a Pavement Preservation Workshop in the Bay Area this July.  This particular workshop consisted of a brief discussion on the process of Bonded Wearing Course(BWC) at the Alameda County Public Works building. Followed by a live demonstration of a BWC job on 98th street in the City of Oakland. This workshop was aimed at allowing project managers and engineers the opportunity to see the many benefits of BWC and pavement preservation in general. Telfer thanks all that attended, and remember we are here to help!

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Telfer Pavement Technologies applies ePrime in Yosemite National Park.

Telfer Pavement Technologies (TPT) and Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions (EAE) brought ePrime to Yosemite National Park and the contractor and the park representatives were impressed.

What is ePrime you ask?

ePrime is a quick curing, environmentally friendly prime coat developed by EAE that protects your base from moisture during the construction phase, and bonds the paving to the base creating improved structure.  Unlike ordinary prime coats ePrime is solvent-free (no VOC’s) thereby making it safe to apply in virtually any environment.  One of the best features of ePrime is the ability for same day paving following the application, typically within two to three hours.  For more information and to see more success stories about ePrime, click here!

eFlex – The new and improved micro surfacing you need

eFlex slurry and micro surfacing is a new and innovative emulsion that creates a tougher slurry and or micro surfacing finish.  This new surface resists snowplow and tire rub damage better than older more conventional systems.  eFlex has been used in high elevations, high snow fall climates as well as desert and high temperature climates.  In this video you can see and get a feel for eFlex as Telfer applies it for a homeowner’s association.

City of Berkeley Preserves Roads with Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal

The City of Berkeley needed a solution for their asphalt preservation woes. With many existing residential and arterial roads exhibiting aged oxidation, raveling, cracking, and other non structural related distresses they needed a solution that would eliminate these issues and provide a long lasting driving surface for residents without disrupting the community. Enter Telfer Pavement Technologies (TPT) and their brand new state of the art asphalt rubber blending facility, transports and distributor trucks.  In 2016 TPT applied 83,000 SY of AR Cape Seal and an additional 52,000 SY of Slurry on slightly better condition streets.  This project ended up netting the City of Berkeley and TPT an award from the Western Regional Association for Pavement Preservation.  Click here for more information on Chip and Cape Seals. Click here for more information about Asphalt Rubber.