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Greenfield_Fog_sealFog and Rejuvenating Seals are applied to pavements in good or excellent condition to extend their life.

Fog seals are primarily used to “seal” a porous roadway or as the final application during a chip seal.  Rejuvenating seals are typically applied to roadways that are 2-4 years old with minor cracking.  The purpose is to “rejuvenate” the roadway by adding the naturally occuring “oils” back into the roadway that have oxidized out of the pavement.  This adds life to the pavement and allows it to perform better and be more flexible.
Finish_ChipsealBoth fog and rejuvenating seals are applied using Caltrans specifications.

Benefits of fog and rejuvenating seals include:

  • Sealed surface
  • Smoother appearance
  • Reduces raveling
  • Better visibility of pavement markings
  • Extends pavement life

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