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Point Arena Evotherm Warm Mix AsphaltTelfer Pavement Technologies, LLC, in keeping with our environmental commitment, offers Evotherm™ Warm Mix Asphalt Additive (WMA).

In conjunction with Mead Westvaco, Telfer has chosen Evotherm as our warm mix additive of choice.  Evotherm™ offers the greatest reduction in production temperatures and the most benefits at the jobsite for production of WMA.


  • Evotherm requires no equipment changes at the plant or job site.  To reduce mix temperatures, the water-based Evotherm is metered into existing materials.
  • Evotherm mixes have the same aggregates, volumetrics and binder content as traditional hot mixes.
  • Temperature and energy requirements are lower with Evotherm.
  • Evotherm drops into existing HMA job mix formula.
  • Workability and compaction at reduced temperatures are easier than HMA, especially for coarse mixes and polymer modified asphalts.
  • Traffic is returned immediately after compaction
  • Evotherm binder performance matches or surpasses the qualities found in new hot mix asphalt
  • Evotherm lessens the wear and tear on hot mix equipment due to its lower processing temperatures.

Environmental Advantages

Evotherm has consistently demonstrated major reductions in emissions compared to hot mix asphalt:

  • A nearly 50 percent decrease in carbon dioxide greenhouse gasses
  • A nearly 60 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides that lead to photochemical smog
  • More than 80 percent drop in acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide

Energy Conservation and Savings

There are many variables associated with energy usage, but Evotherm projects have had documented energy savings up to 55 percent.  Warm mix paving projects have an initial three to seven percent difference in total job costs, however, these costs are off-set by fuel cost reductions, proportionately longer pavement lifecycle, and decreased maintenance requirements.